Notepad changelog

Version 2.29, build 203


  • date format can be set in settings
  • setting checks, lists, listings in the note editor is applied to the selection for each paragraph
  • added new features for receiving data from other applications (folder selection, note selection…)
  • added an option to change the title color in the widget settings

Version 2.27, build 197


  • visual improvements of Notepad in accordance with the new features of Android 12
  • new design of the synchronization settings in accordance with the requirements of Google

Version 2.26, build 191


  • improved speed of Notepad on file operations using content providers
  • in the dialog for adding bookmarks, it is now possible to insert a bookmark to the current folder
  • a removable memory card (if available) has been added to the list of backup storage locations

Version 2.25, build 174


  • labels added
  • tables can be created in markdown notes
  • you can use regular expressions in the search
  • search context menu added
  • you can add folders and files to bookmarks (not just notes)
  • option to switch dark and light theme based on system settings added
  • added actions to the note editor to move the selected text one line up or down
  • added option to change location of backups

Version 2.24, build 167


  • the search button is now always displayed on the toolbar of the notes list;
  • added a button to clear the list of recent files in the navigation menu;
  • the “Rename” menu item has returned to the context menu of the notes list;
  • the path to the current folder is specified in the header of the file copy/transfer window;
  • a new line feed insertion button has been added to the note editing toolbar;
  • a button for inserting a link to go to another note has been added to the note editing toolbar

Version 2.23, build 163


  • added custom folder sorting other than global sort
  • new file properties window with actions:
    • rename the file,
    • set/unset the color of the file(s),
    • hide/show file(s),
    • encrypt/decrypt file(s)
  • in the navigation pane, a new menu with the last opened files
  • new option to disable swipe for forced synchronization
  • new option “Use double tap on note to switch to edit mode”
  • new option “Use a numeric password”
  • search in Notepad settings

Version 2.22, build 152


  • added custom icon for markdown files
  • added a button to expand/collapse the open folder tab bar
  • the note editing toolbar has been moved up to the action bar
  • added a button to expand/collapse the note editing toolbar
  • images embedded in notes when clicked open in the image viewer
  • when inserting images into the text of the note, files with spaces were not supported (fixed)

Version 2.21, build 148


  • new page navigation between folders in the list of notes;
  • added the ability to insert quotes, code, hyperlinks and images into markdown notes;
  • added the ability to highlight the text and background of the selected fragment in markdown notes;
  • search in note editor improved;
  • the title editing field has become multi-line;
  • increased the maximum length of the text in the title.

Version 2.20, build 145


  • possibility of markdown markup in notes added
  • the full path to a note, file or folder is now displayed in its properties
  • the ability to create a shortcut to a note on the desktop added
  • the ability to search when viewing or editing notes added
  • option “Keep screen on” added

Version 2.19, build 141


  • the “Open with” item has been added to the context menu of the selected file in the list of notes;
  • added action bar for editing notes;
  • you can insert bulleted lists into notes;
  • checkboxes can be inserted into notes to organize simple task lists;
  • added options to hide some navigation menu items;
  • added an option to disable fast search (relevant for a large number of notes);
  • the maximum number of backups increased to 50.

Version 2.18, build 108


  • synchronization of notes and backups with google-drive (paid function);
  • access to notes and backups from a web browser and from a local disk using the built-in capabilities of the google disk;
  • new design of the settings window;
  • the classic mechanism for distributing the program with an APK file is returned;
  • added support for working with files “.log”, “. md”, “. csv”, “. xml” in text mode.

Version 2.17, build 100


  • new way to publish Notepad using the Android App Bundle;
  • added “add to bookmarks” item to the notes editor menu;
  • notifications in the notification bar are no longer swiped, but closed with a special button;
  • added “Folders below” option in the notes list sorting selection window;
  • added “Select all” item in the list of notes;
  • added date sorting for notes and files, excluding folders.

Version 2.16, build 94


  • AES-256 encryption of individual notes (paid function)
  • image viewing is performed by Notepad instead of using the Gallery
  • the item “Display protected files” has been added to the list display mode window
  • during long operations, a waiting window is displayed
  • the font size step in the setting is reduced from 10 to 5
  • when scrolling through the list, the “+” button is hidden
  • if in the settings the floating “+” button is hidden, then the “+” action is displayed in the toolbar

Version 2.15, build 85


  • minimum supported version upgraded to Android 5.0 due to reduced program size
  • Notepad color themes and design have been significantly reworked. Added a trendy white theme
  • bookmarks and search queries are now supported (can be turned off in the settings, if not needed)
  • tips are displayed in empty lists, to increase the friendliness of the interface
  • the custom color of the folder/note is now displayed in a small circle in the upper right corner of the icon
  • rich color themes removed

Version 2.14, build 72


  • new option to disable the message about successful backup
  • new options: note editor font and list font (Sans, Monospace, Serif)
  • by default, images in the list are displayed in full width
  • In the list display mode window, the option “Show thumbnails for images” appeared
  • selection of text in the note can now be done immediately upon opening, no need to switch to edit mode

Version 2.13, build 70


  • the ability to send multiple notes / folders to other applications at once is added
  • full support for undo and redo actions in the note editor is added
  • the ability to pin a note in the notification panel is added
  • long press of the “+” button in the notes list creates a folder
  • displays the number of lines, words and symbols in the properties of the note
  • the editor’s option “Position the cursor at the end of the note” is added
  • some corrections

Version 2.12, build 69


  • options to hide the floating “+” button added;
  • if the file size in the list is displayed, the number of children of the folders is displayed;
  • the ability to move the application to the sd card is added;
  • the folder selection dialog now displays hidden files and folders;
  • added trash options (delete immediately, store 3 months, 6 months and unlimited).

Version 2.11, build 57


  • widgets added;
  • simplified inserting images from the gallery through the Notepad menu;
  • preview images in the notes list;
  • keep the screen on when viewing/editing a note;
  • the “Exit” menu closes the Notepad and releases resources.

Version 2.10, build 55


  • for a dark color theme returned dark gray background (black background left for the rich color version of dark themes)
  • expanded the set of unsupported characters in the file name (note tilte)
  • added Portuguese translation

Version 2.9, build 52


  • dark color theme changed the background to black;
  • added support for German language.

Version 2.8, build 51


  • custom colors of folders, notes and files;
  • the cursor position at the opening of the note is set to the end of the text.

Version 2.7, build 50


  • added option to set application language other than the language system.

Version 2.6, build 43


  • added ability to display the date and file size in the notes list;
  • the menu item “Copy to clipboard” of the editor’s note is added;
  • the menu item “Insert” of the editor’s note is added;
  • files whose name starts with a dot, are considered hidden and displayed only if the corresponding option of the list display mode is enabled (by default it is enabled);
  • backups are now stored on the SD card in the “NotepadBackups” folder;
  • added automatic cleaning of the trash.

Version 2.5, build 41


  • context menu is replaced by contextual toolbar;
  • multiple selection of notes implemented;
  • the menu item “Copy to clipboard” in the list of notes added;
  • the menu item “Copy to” in the list of notes added;
  • the menu item “Exit” added;
  • the path to the current folder is saved on exit and restored at the start;
  • links are now blocked during the editing of notes (when option auto-edit is off)

Version 2.4, build 37


  • new options have been added to the settings of the editor:
    • autoedit;
    • automatic detection of hyperlinks

Version 2.3, build 34


  • notes printing;
  • automatic detection of hyperlinks in notes.

Version 2.1, build 32


  • sync title with text notes;
  • option “Do not use the title of a note” added

Version 2.1, build 31


  • the title in the editor are now scrolls with the text of the note
  • the ability to insert special Unicode characters added
  • the ability to receive files from external applications added
  • number of lines to display in listview display modes increased, except the mode “Title only”
  • option “Use the short date format when you insert the date in a note” added

Version 1.0, build 6