Ad-free text notepad for taking notes.


  • notes are stored in text files;
  • markdown markup in notes is supported;
  • you can create folders and sub-folders of unlimited nesting;
  • you can specify the path for storing notes, including a removable memory card;
  • you can encrypt individual notes using the AES-256 algorithm, you do not need to enter a password to access the rest of the notes;
  • you can enable (or disable) synchronization with the Google drive and as a result get access to notes from a browser or from a personal computer;
  • you can change the color theme of the notepad;
  • backups are created every night and only if something has changed;
  • you can insert images from the “Gallery” into folders with notes;
  • you can insert files of any other types (* .doc, * .xls, etc.) to view or modify them in external applications.

Notepad changelog


Full version of the application.


A lightweight, completely free version of the application, without built-in ads and banners. This version does not require Google services. Therefore, there is no synchronization with Google Drive.


Special, completely free, version with full access to external memory. This version does not sync with Google Drive.