Version 2.33


  • changed labels menu view;
  • selection of notes by a set of labels;
  • renaming/removing a shortcut is applied to all files containing this shortcut.

Version 2.32


  • the list of recent files now saves files of all types, not just notes;
  • protected files are saved in the list of recent fileshas been added;
  • the folder opened (in the next tab) is now highlighted in the file list;
  • the color of the highlighted navigation bar item is now gray;
  • drop-down menus (recent files, bookmarks, shortcuts, queries) are automatically closed after use;
  • when deleting a file to the trash, confirmation is no longer required;
  • the menu item “Set a new password” has been removed from the navigation menu;
  • the separator between drop-down menus has been removed from the navigation menu.

Version 2.31


  • the ability to change the order of bookmarks has been added;
  • the ability to set a name for bookmarks to display in the menu has been added;
  • the ability to change the order of requests has been added;
  • the ability to specify the name of queries to display in the menu has been added;
  • the ability to lock the auto-rotation of the video in the video player has been added;
  • shortcut selection applies only to the current folder tab;
  • significantly accelerated work with shortcuts with a large number of files;
  • the procedure for moving files between storage folders is accelerated.

Version 2.30


  • the ability to encrypt notes (for Notepad.Lite) added;
  • white notepad theme (and its dark version) improved;
  • new search context menu item “search only in file name” added;
  • link to the home page in “About” added;
  • previews of video files are displayed in the list of notes;
  • built-in video player added.

Version 2.29


  • date format can be set in settings;
  • setting checks, lists, listings in the note editor is applied to the selection for each paragraph;
  • added new features for receiving data from other applications (folder selection, note selection…);
  • added an option to change the title color in the widget settings.

Version 2.27


  • visual improvements of Notepad in accordance with the new features of Android 12;
  • new design of the synchronization settings in accordance with the requirements of Google.

Version 2.26


  • improved speed of Notepad on file operations using content providers;
  • in the dialog for adding bookmarks, it is now possible to insert a bookmark to the current folder;
  • a removable memory card (if available) has been added to the list of backup storage locations.

Version 2.25


  • labels added;
  • tables can be created in markdown notes;
  • you can use regular expressions in the search;
  • search context menu added;
  • you can add folders and files to bookmarks (not just notes);
  • option to switch dark and light theme based on system settings added;
  • added actions to the note editor to move the selected text one line up or down;
  • added option to change location of backups.

Version 2.24


  • the search button is now always displayed on the toolbar of the notes list;
  • added a button to clear the list of recent files in the navigation menu;
  • the “Rename” menu item has returned to the context menu of the notes list;
  • the path to the current folder is specified in the header of the file copy/transfer window;
  • a new line feed insertion button has been added to the note editing toolbar;
  • a button for inserting a link to go to another note has been added to the note editing toolbar.

Version 2.23


  • added custom folder sorting other than global sort;
  • new file properties window with actions:
    • rename the file;
    • set/unset the color of the file(s);
    • hide/show file(s);
    • encrypt/decrypt file(s);
  • in the navigation pane, a new menu with the last opened files;
  • new option to disable swipe for forced synchronization;
  • new option “Use double tap on note to switch to edit mode”;
  • new option “Use a numeric password”;
  • search in Notepad settings.